Colors and Effects

Does the color of a room have an effect on the overall appearance of the room?  For some the answer is no.  For others, there is definite correlation between ones surroundings and their mood.

  • Reds and oranges are considered energy colors and are considered to be more suited for a gym room over a bedroom for example.
  • Yellow is considered to be a cheerful color and is also thought to increase concentration which would make it an appropriate choice for a bedroom or a study room.
  • Blues and greens are said to be calming colors.
  • Used indoors, greens and browns are thought to be colors of balance meaning they introduce a bit of the outdoors inside.


What can I do to make a room appear larger?

  • Greens, blues, and whites will have the effect of making a room appear larger. Another technique that can be used is the monochromatic look. A third possibility is to introduce more light in the room. Natural light as with skylights do this most efficiently.


What will make a room appear smaller?

  • Reds, oranges, and dark shades of most colors will have a confining effect on a room. These are probably colors to avoid in a poorly lit room.


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